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How Do We Pray?

May 17, 2019


To learn that prayer is not something overly complicated – it just requires dedication and conversation.


Go around the room and have everyone share one high point (best thing) and one low point (worst thing) about their week

Would you rather be able to telepathically communicate with people (speak into their minds) but be unable to speak, or telepathically read people’s minds (understand what they’re thinking) but be unable to hear?

Last week, we challenged everyone to pray for just 5 minutes everyday. How did that go? Did you find that easy, or hard?


If someone were to ask you how to pray properly, what would you tell them? Follow up: Do you follow your own advice?

Do you think daily prayer is important? Follow up: What makes it important?

In your opinion, what makes daily prayer so difficult?

In a regular day, how often do you talk to people? How long do you think you spend in conversation with people every day?

How often do you talk to God? How long do you spend in prayer everyday?

Smith Wigglesworth once said “I never pray more than 20 minutes, but I never go 20 minutes without praying”

What do you think Wigglesworth is getting at?

How can we live a lifestyle of prayer?

During her talk, Kim said “Prayer doesn’t have to be an overly complicated thing… we don’t need to have the right, fancy words for God to hear us. God just wants to hear your heart… no matter what you’re doing. He’s the best person to be yourself around.”

Do you agree with what Kim is saying? Do you feel like you can be yourself around God?

Do you think it’s okay to be honest with God, even when we’re mad at him?

Is it okay to pray and ask God for things? (see Matthew 7:7-8)

What do you think God intended prayer to look like? (think: story of Genesis – Adam & Eve in the Garden)


Prayer is not something overly complicated or difficult – it’s simply meant to be a conversation with our heavenly father. Last week, we challenged each of you to spend 5 minutes every day; and this week we want to keep that challenge going. Every day this week, commit to spending 5 minutes in an intentional conversation with God, sharing about your life (the good and the bad), thanking him for the good things, and asking for help with things you need.


Ask your group/child if there are any prayer requests or praise reports that they would like to share. Take a moment and pray over all the requests.

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