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Worship With Our Voice

April 12, 2019


To learn that the words we say carry a lot of power and can help to create the reality they are living in. Want youth to ask themselves – what does God say about me? And speak the truth of who He says they are over their lives.


Go around the room and have everyone share one high point (best thing) and one low point (worst thing) about their week

Pick one word to describe any of these things: a dream you had recently, a test you took this month, or the last thing you ate.

Guess who in your group used their phone the most/least today. Take out your phones and show your group how much screen time you have for the day – who guessed right?


On a scale of 1-10, how careful are you about what you hear and say?

Do you think it is important to watch what you say?

Read Proverbs 18:20-21 “Sharing words of wisdom is satisfying to your inner being. It encourages you to know that you’ve changed someone else’s life. Your words are so powerful that they will kill or give life, and the talkative person will reap the consequences.”

What do these verses mean?

What is so important about our words – why do words matter so much?

On an average day, where do you hear and see the most words? How do the words you hear or see affect your lifestyle?

During her talk, Kim said “Part of worshipping is about listening to what God has to say about us”

Why do you think it is important to listen to what God has to say about us?

How do you think we can do that?

Kim also said “The moment you place the words ‘I am’ in front of something, you take that on as your identity… the second you start telling yourself that you suck, that you aren’t good enough, you are tearing down what God says we are”

Do you agree with this concept, that the words you speak over yourself can shape who you are? What makes you agree or disagree?

Do you think that singing worship songs or declaring God’s truth over our lives affects us? How so?

What do you think the importance of declaring the truth’s God speaks over each of us is?


Each day this week, focus on worshipping God by hearing and saying words that honor God. Ask yourself – what can you hear and say to build yourself up? What can you hear or say that will build others up?


Ask your group/child if there are any prayer requests or praise reports that they would like to share. Take a moment and pray over all the requests.

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