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Key Guidelines to note

Update October 27
In following Alberta Health’s new mandatory 15 person gathering limit for youth groups, we will be running youth following these new restrictions:

  • At the start of the night, youth will be directed to their assigned small group space. Each room will be appropriately sized to accomodate social distancing, and will be limited to a maximum of 15 people.
  • Groups will be brought to the auditorium for worship & teaching, before being returned to their room for the small group portion of the night. Each group will have an assigned section of the auditorium to ensure distancing between youth & the different groups.
  • These new restrictions are on top of the safety guidelines listed below.
5925230 Corona Virus Coronavirus Covid19 Fever High Temperature

Do not attend if you are experiencing any signs of illness

This includes if you are sick, are required to isolate by law, or have symptoms of illness.

5964544 Coronavirus Facial Mask Medical

Masks Available

In following Bylaw 19408, Edmonton is requiring all people (ages 2+) to wear a face covering while in an indoor public space.

5964547 Distance Keep Social

Practice Social Distancing

Follow all signage, follow 2 meter distancing rules, and sit 2 seats from other youth. All youth games will promote Social Distancing.

5964548 Call Mobile Phone Technology

Mandatory Temperature Checks

As youth arrive, they will be subject to a mandatory touchless temperature check.

5925234 Close Cough Mouth Tissue

Cough or Sneeze into your elbow

Please cough or sneeze into a bent elbow, and promptly dispose of any used tissues in a garbage bin.

5932586 Coronavirus Covid19 Hands Soap Wash

Sanitize Your Hands

Upon entry, all youth will be required to sanitize their hands upon entry and throughout the night.

5964548 Call Mobile Phone Technology

Cleaning Measures

All shared use items will be sanitized between uses, and anything that does not promote distancing or cannot be sanitized will not be available at this time

5925234 Close Cough Mouth Tissue

No Snacks/Food Provided

For this season, no snacks will be provided except at special events – in which case snacks provided will be pre-packaged.

5932586 Coronavirus Covid19 Hands Soap Wash

Youth Closure

Should exposure happen at an XLR8 or Gateway event, youth will shut down for a minimum of 14 days

Check out our full Safety Measures:

Safety Measures

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